2017 Condo Association Predictions

Welcome to 2017!  It’s hard to believe 2016 has come and gone. So, what can we expect in 2017 and for property management companies or property owners, what are the condo association predictions for 2017?

There are many changes that Condo Associations need to consider moving forward. That said, Hallmark & Johnson would like to share 2017 condo association predictions from Better Condo Life.

  1. Drones will be more of a nuisance and also a benefit:  While you might find condo owners using drones more often, drones will also be used for insurance assessments and other common uses and condo associations will start to use drones to inspect buildings.
  2. Short-term rentals will be largely settled by the end of 2017:  With the shake up of short-term rental companies, we will start to transition into more firm policy ground. Jurisdictions that support short-term rentals will continue to pass legislation to enable it but those opposed will do the same to forbid it. Federal-level consistency will not be obtained in 2017, however, more regulation, consistent tax collection, and other policy measures will be widely deployed at state and local levels. We will start to see barriers erode for all but the most controlled of markets.
  3. Marijuana will start to pop up as an issue for Condo Associations:  A majority of states have legalized marijuana for either recreational and medical use and with this legislation comes more use. The smell will start to plague Condo Associations that will then lead to battles—where reasonable medical use accommodations clash with nuisance laws.
  4. More technology will penetrate the Condo Association world:  Real estate virtual reality tours are already getting popular while electric vehicle policies will continue to be a challenge as more people buy them and demand charging options. Condo Associations must be forward-thinking with the trends and be proactive, not reactive, to new technology.

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