Being Proactive: How To Keep Your Tenants

Hallmark & Johnson takes a much stress as possible away from being a landlord. Although Hallmark & Johnson is well informed and thoroughly vets your tenants to ensure good behavior in tenants, there are a few simple things you can do as well to keep your tenants happy and your investment safe.

As a landlord, you can accomplish a lot by merely checking with your tenants regularly to know if there are issues that need to be addressed. Although Hallmark & Johnson are available to help, and routinely inspect and maintain the properties, there are variety of reasons why tenants may have issues that they don’t bring to Hallmark & Johnson. Sometimes they are busy, or they forget, or often they don’t understand that purpose of property management companies like Hallmark & Johnson is to assist with their needs.

One great thing about this simple step you can take is that it makes you aware of what is going on with your property, so you have the chance to stop any problems right at the root, saving time and hassle. This also helps you avoid potentially finance draining problems down the road.

It also helps you foster a good relationship with your tenants. Being friendly with tenants not only makes things more pleasant, it is also great for business. When you establish a good relationship with your tenants by making yourself present and checking if they need to have anything fixed in the property, you show that you care about them and retain them when current lease agreement is up. It is always better to keep a happy tenant then to find another, as any vacancy means loss of income when searching for new tenants. Furthermore, even if you raise the rent in the future, especially if the raise is dictated by the market trends, the tenant would not frown upon it because you make their life easier as a landlord.

When you are a proactive landlord, it usually results in happy tenants. Setting the stage for a good experience will ensure long term tenants and give them the ongoing feeling that they have made the right decision moving into your rental.

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