How Hallmark & Johnson Screens Your Tenants

Hallmark & Johnson is happy to help you look for and manage tenants. Here is some of the guidelines we abide by when looking for new tenants. First and foremost, never be afraid to be thorough during the screening process. Selecting someone as a tenant for your rental property requires attention and work, but Hallmark & Johnson can save you from future headaches by doing it for you.

The first step begins with screening your potential tenants. During the initial interview, it is crucial to know what questions to ask that will give a good idea of two important issues: If your tenants can afford your rent and if they are cooperative on keeping their side of the bargain when it comes to rental agreement.

To see if your tenant applicants are able to pay the rent, the easiest way is to ask them for their credit score, if they have a credit report that they can show you, and about their job type and employer (or their exact source of income if unemployed). Hallmark & Johnson requires proof of income.

In addition to have someone who can afford the rent, you also want to minimize your chances of getting into conflicts with your tenants. A financially stable tenant is crucial, but not enough. Besides conducting a criminal background check, Hallmark & Johnson requests potential tenants previous landlord’s contact information as to inquire about the current landlord’s experience with the potential tenant. What is their reason for moving out? Does the applicant need to relocate because of work or family, or because they are being chased out by their current landlord?

When meeting with the applicant in person, Hallmark & Johnson pays special attention to how they communicate and their behavior. They don’t necessarily have to be friendly and charming, but they have to be considerate and respect you and your rights as a landlord.

Hallmark & Johnson is also clear about your rules and expectations and hear theirs. Do they sound reasonable? How do they really feel about what you have to offer? If they are making absurd demands before even signing an agreement, chances are they will be hard to negotiate with the future as well.

Hallmark & Johnson thoroughly vets tenants, prepares for interviews, and is not afraid to ask questions. This process is the road that leads to a happy tenant-landlord relationship and a stress- free future when Hallmark & Johnson screens your tenants.

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