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Who do I call when the power is out?

Check with a neighbor to determine if the outage is widespread – if so please call ComEd – 800-Edison-1. If the outage is only in your unit and you do not pay for electricity, please call Hallmark & Johnson at 773-545-6160.

ComEd Website | Nicor | Constellation

Who do I contact in case of a fire emergency?

Call 911, and then report the incident to the management team.

What do I do if I detect a gas odor?

Call the gas company first:

Then call the management team

The gas company provides the following helpful tips in the event you smell gas:

  • In its natural state, natural gas is both colorless and odorless. For your safety, a chemical ingredient is added which smells like rotten eggs. This unpleasant odor is for your protection in the event of a gas leak.
  • If you smell gas, open windows and doors to disperse the gas. Check your pilot lights or see if a burner valve has been left partially on. If you cannot find the source, call the gas company.
  • If the odor is extremely strong, leave the building at once. Call the gas company from a neighbor’s phone. Do not use your phone or light any matches. Do not operate switches or electrical devices or pull any plugs from outlets. Any of these actions could ignite gas that may have accumulated.

Peoples Gas Website

What do I do if there is an after-hours emergency?

Hallmark & Johnson has a Property Manager on call after regular business hours. You can call the office at (773) 545-6160, making sure to give your name, address, your phone number and your issue. Without the phone number we will not be able to call you back. Our on-call personnel will call you back to help resolve the emergency.

What do I do if there is an emergency during business hours?

To notify the management team of an emergency during regular business hours, call the office number at (773) 545-6160

What is considered an emergency?

Emergencies are defined as events that may cause significant damage to property or are life-threatening if not immediately addressed.

What do I do if I get locked out of my unit?

Please call our office. Please be advised that Hallmark & Johnson does not have keys to individual units for some buildings (with exceptions). If you need a referral to a locksmith, please feel free to call our office at (773) 545-6160 speak to your management team.

What do I do if I have extra garbage from moving in and it won’t fit in the dumpster?

Please do not put it on top of or next to the dumpster. Many municipalities have fines if you leave garbage outside the canister. The Association can be fined for this. Please call your management team and arrange for a special pickup through the Association’s scavenger service. There may be an extra fee charged by the scavenger service for this.

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What do I do if my toilet is clogged and overflowing?

If possible, attempt to plunge it. Turn off the valve to stop the water supply to the toilet. If this does not resolve your issue, please call your management team for assistance.

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There is water leaking from the ceiling in my bathroom – what do I do?

Contact your upstairs neighbor, and then call your management team.

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I believe my neighbor has violated an Association rule. Who should I notify?

Should you need to file a rule violation or notify management of a violation, the Association rules provide that you must do so in writing. You can submit your notification by letter via the Association website, an email to your management team, U.S. Postal mail or fax. This information is kept confidential between the management team and your Board of Directors.

What do I do if I have received a late fee that I do not believe is valid?

Disputes about a late charge require a letter outlining your request and reasoning to waive the late charge and sent to our office. We will forward the request to the Board. Only the Board can waive a late charge.

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Who do I speak to about my account or a billing statement I received?

Call our office and ask for your properties Account Receivables Manager if you have a question on a recent billing or feel there is an error on your statement.

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How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance for my Condominium Association?

Please check the “links” and “documents” sections of your Association website for your insurance carrier’s information (many include downloadable certificates).

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I need a copy of my Association’s by-laws and declaration – where can I get a copy?

Please log into your account. If you still cannot find it, call your management team, ask a neighbor, or the County Recorder’s office will have a copy.

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What do I do if I have a maintenance issue?

Please log into your account to make a maintenance request. If this is an emergency, please call the office at (773-545-6160). You will be directed to your management team who will assist you.

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I am selling my unit – what do I do?

Each Association has its own policies, procedures and forms which can be accessed on the Association’s website. Please review your rules and regulations and if needed, contact your management team.

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I am refinancing my unit – what do I do?

Each Association has its own policies, procedures and forms which can be accessed on the Association’s website. Please review your rules and regulations and if needed, contact your management team.

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I would like to log in to my online account, but I do not have a login and password – what do I do?

Call our office and ask for your property’s executive assistant, and they will email you with instructions.

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I forgot my login and/or password to my account – what do I do?

If you have previously accessed your account, you can go to the login page and click on the password link. Provide the requested information and your password with be emailed to you, or contact your Assistant Property Manager.

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Can I pay my assessment by credit card?

The majority of Associations have this feature available. Please log into the make a payment link. Through this area, you can sign up for monthly automatic withdrawals, pay by credit card, or submit a one-time e-check payment. Please note that this is different from your tenant/owner account login.

I need minutes from a board meeting. Where can I get a copy?

Most of the boards allow for the minutes to be posted on your Association’s website in the “documents”section. If not contact your management team.

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Is my phone number published to all of the owners?

Some Associations choose to have an owner directory distributed to all unit owners. This directory may be posted on your Association’s secure website.

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Where can I get a copy of the Association’s budget?

Your budget is posted on your Association’s website in the “documents” section.

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If I have rental tenants, who calls the management team with problems?

The owner of the unit needs to call the management team.

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If I want to rent my unit, what do I do?

Review your Association’s Governing Documents to determine your Association’s policy on allowing rentals. Hallmark & Johnson has a service to help owners rent their unit. Please contact your management team.

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