How Video Surveillance Can Protect Your Community Association

By VinTech Systems, Inc.

Security is a challenge at condos, since they have common doors providing easy entry points. Criminals often watch a potential target building for a considerable time prior to breaking in, taking note of the ebb and flow of traffic, residents’ work schedules and possible points of entry.

Condominiums, apartment complexes and other multifamily residential buildings can be even more vulnerable to security breaches than stand-alone homes. The fact that there is regular high traffic from residents and their guests highlights the need for more stringent control of entrance and exits. Strangers can pose as guests or even residents. The larger the complex, the more susceptible it is to unauthorized entry.

A video surveillance system can catch thieves and vandals, protect families, deter crime, monitor apartment building activity and ensure peace of mind.

The presence of obvious video surveillance cameras along with warning signs in common areas inside and outside a residential complex will by itself discourage criminal elements.

Safety of the residents

Video surveillance at entrance points such as the main door or parking structure will capture any intruder or criminal who attempts to enter the complex. In many cases, such monitoring footage can prove to be of primary importance in identifying and prosecuting criminals. With a surveillance system, Associations can secure all doors and windows and monitor the property 24/7 for intrusion. Security cameras can be set up remotely, giving you the ability to watch over your condo no matter where you are.

A properly installed surveillance camera can immediately detect any suspicious behavior and any intruders may be caught even before committing crimes. Prominently installed video cameras that are clearly visible to the visitors will often scare thieves, burglars and other criminals before making any attempt of robbery or theft in the building.

There is no substitute for peace of mind, and devices like a total connect service allow you to check on your home from a laptop, phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. When you add video cameras inside your home, you’ll always know the instant anything happens inside your home.

Systems Maintenance

Regular security systems maintenance is also important since it helps ensure that your system works properly. Choosing to have it done will help ensure maximum performance and in many cases may even improve the overall functionality of your system. Just like health or vehicle regular maintenance, security system maintenance is essential to keep your system in optimal running condition.

It is wise to have a service agreement with the original installer. Since modern systems are complicated, having a second company come out to provide service for another company’s installation often results in finger pointing and greater costs. If it can’t be serviced, it is not worth purchasing in the first place.

Surveillance cameras with a quality maintenance plan can lower your liability insurance rates and provide you with video evidence to give to your insurance company so you can fully reclaim any losses.

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